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Pending Disconnected from server (invalid channel order)


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Client logs:

Error from ChanClients: invalid channel order
Error while parsing packet: invalid channel order
Warning Got command data while disconnected, dropping
Disconnected from server, no autoreconnect: invalid channel order

It is happening only on a virtual server, it just happened out of nowhere.
On other virtual servers of this instance I can access normally.

Version: TeaSpeak-1.4.16


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Does this also still happens after an instance restart?
If so can you provide the database please (PM!)


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I solved the problem by creating and restoring a virtual server snapshot

If it happens again I will contact PM


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It happened to me aswell... After restarting it worked alright.

Couldn't reproduce it yet.

It made connecting to the instance impossible and when using YaTQA looks like there was tons of ServerAdmin user logged in, inside the Users channels tree.

Interesting though is that those users appeared to come before the server node in the channels tree inside YaTQA Users tab.


The error was repeated on version 1.4.21-beta1.
TeaClient connects without problems, but the TS3 client disconnects with an error. In YaTQA, it looks like a lot of ServerAdmin users are connected.

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