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Beta SpeakGamerCOL: Administrador de servidores

Hello, good to everyone,

I want to start by thanking me for welcoming me into this community as beautiful as teaspeak, I introduce myself I am a software developer for more than 4 years and I always loved telecommunication networks for a long time I have an idea in my head and I know that with the help of this community we can land that idea.

I am currently working on a teaSpeak server administrator and I want him to be the BEST server administrator, I will present my idea and how it is being developed, the idea is that you are part of this initiative and together we can make the best. I will be reading this post and seeing the ideas that you are having and that you would like this server administrator to have, give me your ideas, even if it is the most absurd, it will be taken into account

Without more to say I present: SpeakGamerManager
List of conexions:

List of servers:

I read them...
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It seems to me a good idea since one could check and do things with the phone number of the servers and that the ports come radom but not by default
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native forum language is english so pls change topic description language