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Pending (Trace log) invalid parameter size bug


@WolverinDEV i uploaded for you two trace log(but i think is 1.log and her name is SoliSxx, after he joined server show invalid parameter size bug)

log Download link:
got exact time for reproducing this bug in the log i sent here.

check the time 21:17:31


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I didnt understand why you seprated teaspeak into two names :) nightly and optimized
Nightly is a build I make without any promises. This includes broken features crashes and is more to experimenting, an example would be the new video chat functions. You can also call this version wip.

Beta are the new versions which should fix previous bugs and what I consider usable.

Stable versions are versions which are running stable and coult be used with thousands of users simultaneously without crashing.


so i prefer using the beta versions . can you pls release a fix for this bug for the current 1.4.22 beta version too?

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updated to nighty version 6 but server crashes upon start. i rolled back to 1.4.22
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I will test these updates when the beta is out.

Unfortunately, recently there is very little free time and very busy with working projects, but I have already started to appear in the evenings on the forum and it pleases.