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TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
TeaSpeak is growing and is growing fast. And we have a bunch of new cool features in development.
This is incredible! I just want to say "thank you" to all of my new and old loyal members.

But as fast as the server grows and gets new mighty features, the Web-Client cannot follow at this pace.
Mainly because I devote all of my time to the server.
This really displeases me, and I think you all can relate to that.
The use of a third-party client pays the powerful server no real justice.
It doesn't fit all the server needs anymore and looks and acts like it comes out of the last century.

For this reason I'm looking for a skilled co-worker or even a small group of people with skills in Web design and application development and the love for Tea.
If you are interested in bringing the front end up to the server level, have the right skills and some free time please drop me a message.
I can be reached via the forum or why not talk to me directly (maybe even via the current web client) on ts.teaspeak.de.

Best regards
WolverinDEV ~ Markus


Active member
I would be happy to help you.
I study IT and I would be able to help with french and dutch translations.
I worked allready in C, Pascal(scar-divi), PHP
And I wrote some HTML, CSS and CSS bootstrap.


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
For every one intrested drop as a message here on the board or talk directly to us on ts.teaspeak.de .


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
I'm a Webdesigner and would love 2 help you.
If needed, I can send you a canditature from me.
Also I'm from germany (Hamburg) so we can talk perfectly each other.

Here are some of my Works:
Hope 2 hear from you :)
thats great to hear.
I heard you've already been talking to @Chazotu?
I'll be online a littlebit later as well :)


Active member
For every one intrested drop as a message here on the board or talk directly to us on ts.teaspeak.de .
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Hi. I can help with Romanian Support, serverside tehnical Support, Windows Software Client development like Teamspeak client and with some design and coding for web interface and Other stuffs and integrations.
You can contact me there - Click me

Best regards,
Andrei O Laurențiu